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Pre-admission corresponds to your consultation with the anaesthetist together with the administrative tasks that need to be fulfilled so you can be admitted.

Accueil pré admission

Consultation with the anaesthetist

Please contact the secretariat to make an appointment with an anaesthetist :
0033 (0)475 708 009.
You must see the anaesthetist several days before the intervention, i.e. 48 hours before at the very least.

On the day of your consultation with the anaesthetist, please bring:


The anaesthetists’ secretary whose desk is just opposite the reception desk will give you a preoperative medical questionnaire and an information sheet about anaesthesia that you will be asked to fill in, sign, and give back to the anaesthetist.

Click here to download and pre-fill these documents.


ConsultationIf you take any drugs for chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or epilepsy, please send a photocopy of your current prescription(s) (with your name, first name and date of birth on it) to the hospital’s pharmacist:

Please do so at least 24h before your consultation with the anaesthetist in order for us to update your medical record and give you best medical treatment.

Pre-admission formalities

Once you have seen your anaesthetist, please go to the hospital’s reception to reserve your room and make your dossier for the Sécurité Sociale and Mutuelle (Social Security and supplementary Private Health Insurance).

Here are the documents you need to bring on the day of pre-admission:

Also, if relevant:

Click here to download and fill in your pre-admission form

Important: please do come to the hospital beforehand even if your hospitalization does not require any anaesthesia, as you need to fulfil the pre-admission formalities.

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