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Tel. 04 75 70 30 00

Car park:
A free car park is available in front of the main entry. Some spaces are reserved to the disabled.

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Almost half of our rooms have air-conditioning. Private rooms are to be reserved when fulfilling the pre-admission formalities. However, these rooms are given on the day of admission, if available. It might therefore be impossible to give you a private room, even when reserved, but we can assure that we will do our best to give you satisfaction.

A phone is available in all rooms and has direct number. It will be operative on request; please ask the reception.

TNT TV reception is available in all rooms and is charged by the day. A deposit check will be asked for the remote controls which are specific to the hospital’s TV network; they are to be delivered at the reception.

You can use the internet thanks to our Wi-Fi connection. Cards are sold at the reception desk.

Accompanying person:
If you are in a private room, one of your relatives will be allowed to stay with you. An extra bed will be provided if you want to, and will be charged accordingly. Breakfast or meal can also be ordered the day before.

Visiting hours:
Health care department: 11 am – 7.30 pm
Outpatient services: 2 pm – 7.30 pm

Phone communications and visits can be limited if you need rest or if your health condition requires it. Very young children visits are not recommended.

Breakfast: 7.30 am
Lunch: 11.15 am
Dinner: 6.15 pm

Meals are fully prepared at the hospital. A dietician makes sure the food corresponds to a well-balanced diet and considers specific allergies if prescription is given. She can also take into account your specific diets. Please inform the nurse as you arrive.

You may ask to see someone who represents your religion by asking the reception desk. Catholic chaplaincy is regularly available in our hospital.

Vending machines:
Vending machines dispensing hot beverages, cold drinks and sweets are available at the reception.

Other services:
Mail is delivered everyday in your room.
A phone booth working with cards is available at the reception.

Qualified staff is always available for you. The director of the health care department and the nurse in charge of the department are at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to ask them or their team for helpful information.

Health care staff:
The nurse provides health care and is helped by the nursing auxiliary who makes sure you feel comfortable.

Hotel and restaurant staff:
The hotel staff is responsible for hygiene and cleanliness in your room and is coordinated with the health care staff which brings your meal.

Every person belonging to the hospital staff has a badge with his name, first name and occupation in the hospital.

Suggestions and remarks:

Please share your impressions about your stay with us by filling in the questionnaire you will be given with the welcome booklet, and put it in the box near the reception desk. Otherwise, use our online form.

Should a significant problem arise, please tell the nurse in charge of the department, or write a letter to the director of the hospital.

Your suggestions are very important as they allow us to keep improving.

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