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Please note that all the following links correspond to French websites

Medical Websites

Clinique Hepatitis C in Romans sur Isère

Clinique Postgraduate Medical Education

Clinique Everything you wanted to know about Cardiology

Clinique Information in Stomatology

Clinique French Society in Gastroenterology

Clinique French Society in ColopProctology

Institutional websites

Clinique Regional Health Agency

Clinique French Medical Board

Clinique Private Hospitalization Federation

Clinique French Health Authority

Clinique Private Hospitalization Federation in Rhône Alpes

Local websites

Clinique Bourg de Péage Community

Clinique U.S.R.P, Local Rugby Club

Clinique Drôme Handball club in Bourg de Péage

Clinique Bourg de Péage Football Club

Clinique Bourg de Péage Tennis Club

Clinique Vercors Self-catering Cottage "le Gîte Handi'Caïrn"

Clinique "Saoû chante Mozart" French Festival

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