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We want to draw your attention on the following recommendations:

Pain is not inevitable; our medical staff can relieve your pain by using efficient treatments and techniques. Do not hesitate to speak with the medical and health care staff.

Person of confidence:
If you wish, you can choose somebody to be your person of confidence (one of your relatives, friends or your referring doctor for example) in case you are not able to express your own will or receive the necessary information to do so.
Please fill in the designation form that you will find with the welcome booklet and give it to the nurse of the department.

Medical record:
The information concerning the treatment and care you are given is gathered in a personal record; its content is protected by medical secrecy. This record is filed into the archives of the hospital and is available for any new hospitalization.
According to the rules, it can be looked at on request by addressing a letter to the hospital’s director.

Data protection:
The hospital holds a computer record of the patients’ medical and administrative data in conformity with medical secrecy. Some of your medical history will be computerized, and only your doctor and the hospital’s department will have access to it unless you show any disapproval.

Video surveillance:
We inform you that the hospital is equipped with a video surveillance system for your safety and that of the staff.

Flowers and animals:
For hygiene reasons, flowers are not recommended.
Animals are strictly forbidden inside the hospital.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the hospital (Decree n° 92.478 - 29/05/92).
The hospital is equipped with a fire detection system; smoking would trigger the alarm.

For your comfort, please do respect the visiting hours, do not come with too many people, and close the door of your room.

Mobile phones:
The use of mobile phones is forbidden inside the hospital as the waves could interfere with the medical devices.

Phone booths:
Two phone booths are available at the reception: one works with coins, the other with cards.

The person in charge of your hospitalization will see that your mail is delivered.
She can also post letters for you.

Blood transfusion:
The transfusion of labile and blood-derived products is performed in accordance with the regulations. Blood transfusion can only be performed with the patient’s written informed consent form.
Our hospital has its own blood bank and is supplied by the EFS (Etablissement Français du Sang – French National Blood Service).

Money and valuables:
It is highly recommended not to bring any valuables into the hospital. However, money and valuables may be deposited at the reception in exchange for a receipt.
We refuse to accept responsibility for loss or theft of valuables which are not entrusted to us.

If you remove your dental appliance or hearing aid, please put it immediately in a safe area but do not wrap it temporarily in some tissue as it may involuntarily be thrown into the dustbin. We can give you a glass or a little box to put them in if you ask us.

Fire safety:
Our hospital is equipped with a fire alarm system. The evacuation procedures are on the walls of the common areas. Whatever the situation, please keep your composure and follow the instructions given by the staff which is trained in dealing with such incidents.

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