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CLIN (Comité de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales – the Hospital’s Infection Control Committee)

Controlling nosocomial infections

As part of our commitment to provide good quality of care, we want to do our best to control and prevent nosocomial infections, i.e. infections originating in hospitals.

In accordance with the French law dating from 1st July 1998, our hospital has created a CLIN in order to promote health safety.

This committee includes doctors, head nurses, senior executives, nursing staff and pharmacists.

Control against these infections consists in:

For your security and that of the other patients, we might decide to keep you apart.

If you suffer from any infection or catching disease and are aware of it, please inform the doctor who is responsible for your admission in the hospital.

If instructions are given for your security and that of the other patients, please do follow them.

Personal hygiene is the most important thing in the control of infections.

We therefore recommend that you do follow the following basic hygiene instructions:


You won’t be allowed any personal effects such as make up, underwear, dental prostheses or jewels inside the operating room. Besides, you will be wearing nothing else but an operating gown.

Depending on the type of intervention, the health care department staff may have to clean and disinfect the part of your body that needs surgery.

All these measures are meant to control the frequency and seriousness of nosocomial infections.

However, it is impossible to guarantee zero risk even though we do more than our best to prevent all infections. Should they appear, the hospital’s practitioners would be here to give you the required attention and care.

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