Minimally invasive surgery

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As opposed to open surgery which requires large incisions, this surgical technique reduces post-surgical injuries, thus enabling fast recovery.

Minimally invasive surgery clearly improves patients’ comfort, and the intervention can even be performed in outpatient services, i.e. without any overnight stay at the hospital.

This surgical technique offers many advantages:

Minimally invasive surgery is based on the use of a flexible or rigid endoscope with an optical system which is introduced into the body through a little incision or through the natural orifices. The very thin tubes (3 to 12 mm wide) facilitate the passage of long, thin surgical instruments and HD video equipment.

Arthroscopy is related to interventions concerning joints.
Laparoscopy (or coelioscopy) is the name given to interventions localized to the abdominal cavity.

Minimally invasive techniques are quite often used by surgeons in our hospital. For example:


As compared to conventional treatments, minimally invasive surgery enables patients to resume their daily activities quite rapidly, as shown in the system of reference about length of sick leave provided by Ameli, the French Health Insurance website: (in French)


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