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Located in Bourg de Péage, LA PARISIERE Private Hospital is the only private surgical hospital in Romans and its surroundings.

Our hospital owns 100 in-patient and out-patient beds, and one modern operating theatre equipped for minimally invasive surgery.

It admits about 10,000 patients per year; 65% of them are in outpatient services, i.e. they do not have to stay overnight and can go home on the day of their intervention.

Our establishment is among the 18% of certified hospitals which are ranked at the highest level in the HAS certification (HAS: Haute Autorité de Santé – French National Authority for Health).
HAS source: certification scale V2010 – 01/09/2013.

Here is the list of our different activities:

In order to make sure health care is continuously provided and patients in need of urgent care are treated, an orthopaedic surgeon, a visceral surgeon, a urological surgeon and an anaesthetist-resuscitator are always available.

Day consultations during the week are given by an emergency physician.

Rich and optimal technical equipment is guaranteed to enable good medical treatment.

Our hospital’s strategic directions are based on our medical project:

1. We want to be a local hospital offering large health care and encouraging continuous treatment with patients being seen by the same physicians.
2. We aim at improving patients’ treatment by continuously improving quality of care and risk management, together with respect and patients’ satisfaction.
3. We aim at developing the treatment of outpatients.
4. We aim at expanding the hospital’s technical equipment.
5. We want our hospital to be part of health networks by creating and reinforcing our relations with other health establishments and non-hospital partners.


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