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Discharge from our hospital is usually done in the morning for our services to run smoothly. The nurse will inform you about the time of your discharge. If you are to leave in an ambulance, a VSL (Véhicule Sanitaire Léger – Light Medical Vehicle) or a taxi, please make sure your request was passed on to avoid you waiting.

Please remember to go to the reception before leaving to pay your bills and extra fees if no health organization (Caisse d’Assurance Maladie or Mutuelle for example) is to pay for you.

We will give you:

Doctor’s fees:

The practitioners may require a fee. If so, you will be informed before the intervention. Fees are determined with caution and fairness by the hospital’s practitioners; they are competitive as compared to those determined in other hospitals.
Even though the hospital does not benefit from these fees, they must be printed out on the bills as they are forwarded to the Health Insurance organizations.

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